CVDB 2007
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Reykjavk University
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of Computer Science


>> Welcome to CVDB

The goal of the CVDB workshop series is to foster inter-disciplinary work between the areas of computer vision (and, generally speaking, multimedia processing) and databases (often with a touch of human-computer interaction). We have observed that few researchers in the computer vision community are adopting any of the (multidimensional) indexing schemes that have been designed by database researchers. Furthermore, while new and exciting techniques are being developed by computer vision researchers, database researchers are often unaware of such work.

The reason is that, unfortunately, there has been a great gap between the computer vision and database communities. The goal of the CVDB workshop series is to bridge this gap. The idea is to provide database researchers with a snapshot of what computer vision people are dealing with and vice-versa, with the aim of defining research directions that can benefit both communities.

We cordially invite you to participate in the CVDB 2007 workshop! We have put a strong emphasis on exploiting the workshop format to allow a great deal of dialogue between participants and speakers. Our goal is to foster a very open and friendly workshop atmosphere, where ideas grow and cooperations are initiated. Welcome to CVDB!

CVDB 2007 Workshop Chairs,
    Laurent Amsaleg
    Bjrn r Jnsson
    Vincent Oria